The Mask - Gold Edition
The Mask - Gold Edition
The Mask - Gold Edition

The Mask - Gold Edition

Alyaa Gad Beauty
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The Mask by Alyaa Gad with its amazing benefits is enriched with 23-Carat gold flakes, for those special days of your life.

A gold mask facial benefits your skin by giving it an added boost; making it the ideal skin treatment to give yourself before a special occasion.

  • It can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It brightens complexion.
  • It reduces inflammation (Inflammation is the primary cause of acne & hyperpigmentation).
  • Gold contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory components that provide cleansing, healing, and soothing effects for the skin.

Ancient Egyptians used gold for a variety of health reasons. Thousands of years later, gold continues to be used today in the medical field. It’s non-toxic and contains powerful healing benefits.