FAQs 🇬🇧

If case you have further questions you can contact Alyaa Gad here.


What exactly does The Mask do?

The Mask cleanses the skin deeply to rid it of residues of environmental pollution and makeup, and stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation to help get rid of the waste, regenerate and replenish the skin. It also contains anti-aging properties.


Why is the product expensive?

The Mask contains a selection of herb extracts and essential oils. This product can be compared to Tresor Rare’s Zumi Mask, which costs $5000.


How many times a week should I use The Mask?

The Mask is suitable for daily use but you can also use it twice or three times a week.

Can I put The Mask on while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. The Mask is safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Can I use The Mask on places other than the face?

Yes, The Mask can be used anywhere on the body, especially the armpits to get rid of toxins and residues of deodorants. You can use it overnight.


Why do I feel a burning sensation when I initially put it on?

Essential oils and fruit acids in The Mask stimulate the blood circulation strongly. You feel the flow of blood in the form of temporary burning. You might also notice redness of the skin after removal of The Mask.


I used it for a week and noticed that the pimples increased! How did that happen?

Sometimes we have sebum and dirt deep in the pores of the skin, which need time to get out. The situation may worsen for a period before it gets better. We call it the "detox crisis”, which might be worse if you’re suffering from constipation or not eating healthy foods. Do not lose hope, and call me to explain how you can deal with this crisis with healthy nutrition and breathing exercises.

I notice dryness of the skin after using The Mask.

Some ladies may notice that The Mask causes the skin to have some dryness. Drink water and apply oil to your skin after removing The Mask.


The Mask causes me to sleep deeply. How come?

Essential oils used in The Mask help you to relax and sleep deeply, because healthy skin greatly depends on having good nights sleep.

Can my husband use the Mask?

Of course! Pamper your spouse too. Just like you, he has the right to look good too.


I am afraid my bed will become dirty when I’m sleeping with The Mask on.

The Mask will not stain the bed if you wait until it dries before going to bed.